Articles | August 2015


Cool Night, Warm Hearts

Austin Ice Ball provides a refreshing winter break from the Texas summer heat and benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas. Read on »


Austin’s Top Six Ice-Cream Shops

A city renowned for its culinary culture, Austin boasts an impressive lineup of ice-cream shops with plenty of exotic flavors to satisfy any craving. Here are the top places to get ice cream in Austin this summer. Read on »


Best Bargains for Shopping Made Easy

The Internet is heavily saturated with discount websites, and it’s difficult to find which sites offer legitimate deals that will actually save you money. This list is a great start to delving into bargain hunting like a pro. Read on »


Cover Woman Jen Hatmaker’s Rules for Supper Clubs with the Perfect Pimento Cheese Recipe

​Rules for a monthly supper club with a pimento cheese recipe to bring along! Read on »


A Deal to Download: Exciting New Wellness App

On July 9, It’s Time Texas, in conjunction with Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, launched its free Choose Healthier app, which is dedicated to improving the health of Austin-area residents. Read on »


Five Ways to Up Your Restaurant Etiquette

It has been confirmed: More than 100 new restaurants are opening in the city of Austin in 2015. As an avid diner and a veteran of the food-service industry, I can attest to the fact... Read on »


Six Edible DIY Facemasks

Who says you need expensive beauty products for a great complexion? Try one (or all) of these facial recipes with ingredients straight from your pantry. Read on »


Back-to-School Guide

Stay ahead of the academic schedule with our back-to-school guide. We have everything that needs to be on your radar for each step of your school career. Read on »


The Perfect Date Night

Keeping romantic outings fresh and unique is tough sometimes, even in a city like Austin. Sometimes, too many options aren’t good. Whether you are seeking a great first date or trying something new with the same someone, the key is to think outside the norm. Read on »


College Dorm Rooms: Pack It or Leave It?

We’ve outlined what you’ll absolutely need to get through your first semester of college, and what you don’t. Read on »


When Life Gives You Lemons, Celebrate With National Lemonade Day

We’ve reached mid-August, which means 100-degree weather every day that isn’t ceasing anytime soon. For National Lemonade Day Aug. 20, escape the heat with one of these great lemonade cocktails found in Austin. Read on »


Eight Kid-Friendly After-School Snacks

Parents are tasked with creating healthy and convenient snacks for their kids every day. Sometimes it’s difficult to think of what to make and there just isn’t enough time in the evenings. However, making most snacks isn’t too time-consuming and the ingredients are probably already in the pantry. Read on »


Shake Up Your College Goals

Setting goals before embarking on a major life endeavor is a great way to set yourself up for success. There are books, blogs and websites devoted to doling out advice about being a... Read on »


Five Ingenious Ways to Save on Back-to-School Textbooks

Considering a life of crime to pay for your college textbooks? Confused about buying, renting and selling? We’ve got the best ways to save money on your college textbooks. Read on »


Need to get away? Reset Retreat is buying your flight from Austin to Belize until Sept. 8

After flying over stunning coral reefs in your chartered flight, you’ll be welcomed to your beautiful beachside cabana. During your retreat you’ll visit Belize’s oldest marine reserve on our luxury catamaran, enjoy daily yoga, and experience personal growth that is designed to help bring you home as the best version of yourself. Read on »


Give a Little This School Year

Volunteering in the community can help teenagers put their skills to use and learn the value of helping people. The pressure to fulfill required volunteer hours may deter students from finding activities they really love. These are some ideas to get them thinking about opportunities that are available throughout the community. Read on »


From the Editor

I have a few go-to books that I read and reread when I need some Zen in my life, when I am struggling and need some perspective. One of these books is All... Read on »


Kristy’s Top 10

August’s to-do list from 365 Things To Do In Austin, Texas. Read on »


Fearless Leader

CEO Beverly Chasse on taking risks, creating corporate core values, paying it forward and leading by example. Read on »


Going Beyond the Labels

Many in the educational arena believe the one-size-fits-all method for educating children is no longer a viable approach. Education is complicated, and children’s learning styles vary. While schools work to evolve with the times and cater to the success of their students, many students are not receiving the optimal education they need and deserve. Read on »


A Tale of Two Austins: The Impact Outside the Classroom

Austin’s powerful youth-development programs work to fill after-school hours with interactive, educational activities. Read on »


College Bound

With the circled move-in date rapidly approaching, here are resources to get you through everything from meeting new people to acing your first exam. Read on »


Guilty Pleasures

Celebrate the Austin Ice Cream Festival with the sweetest shoes around. Read on »


Shop Like A Stylist

How to get the most bang for your buck. Read on »


Best-Dressed Guest

Let a wedding’s location dictate your style. Read on »


Beauty on a budget

Your one-stop shop for top-rated drugstore beauty products, all less than $15. Read on »


Estate Sales 101

Everything you need to know to get the best deals and products at estate and garage sales, and where to find them. Read on »


Amazing Grace

Jen Hatmaker is like no other preacher’s daughter or pastor’s wife you have ever met. Read on »


STEM Superwomen

If you have a school-aged child, chances are you’ve heard about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) from a teacher or a fellow parent. This year, President Barack Obama announced more than $240 million in commitments to improving STEM education opportunities for children. Why are we making STEM such a priority? In a word: jobs. Meet two Austin women who are changing the game when it comes to STEM education. Read on »


Champagne Dining and Drinking on a Beer Budget

The 12 best places for happy hour in Central Austin. Read on »


Fit and fun, all for free

Get in shape without breaking the bank. Read on »


Water, water everywhere

Everything you wanted to know about your health and H2O. Read on »


Memo from JB: Hager Family Vacation

 I am seriously considering lining up an additional mom/wife for our next family vacation. Perhaps I should run an ad. “Additional mother/wife needed to join us on our family... Read on »


Mother of the Bride: Once her mother, always her mother

Reflections on the roller-coaster ride of being the mother of the bride. Read on »


August Horoscopes

Happy Birthday, Leo!  July 23–Aug. 23 Your Month: You burst into August like a racehorse out of the starting gate. And guess what?  You win this race. No one, unless they... Read on »


The Person I Would Become

How a teacher who believed in keeping it weird still makes our writer beam with pride. Read on »