AW Media understands how precious advertising dollars are and we not only strive to make your customer experience exceptional with skilled Account Executives, great customer service and complimentary ad design, but we are also committed to putting out the best, most read and trusted publications in Austin. We are committed to helping grow your business through advertising in our publications and online.

A recent study showed that magazine advertising, above any other medium, drove purchase decisions. Magazines are also the number one medium to drive consumers to your website to find out more about your company.

  • Austin Woman Magazine is the highest readership publication in Austin.   We print more copies than all but one other magazine, but more importantly, because of the way we distribute the magazine, we have an extremely high pass along value, which boosts our actual readership to number one.  Hands down.  And as an advertiser, I know that you are looking for two things—a quality publication and a committed and expansive readership.  More eyes on your ad, more potential customers.  It’s simple math.  
  • We are the heart of Austin—which is its people.  Every single month we feature an Austinite making a difference, innovating and generally doing something that inspires us all.  That’s why our pick-up rate is so high—it is THE must read if you want to know who is making Austin what it is today.
  • Our distribution is focused solely on Austinites—we purposely do not distribute a lot of magazines in hotels because we know that our clients need local Austin buyers—not out of towners staying at hotels who would never fly to Austin to buy a new car—or new furniture for that matter. 
  • We are the most trusted resource in Austin—people constantly seek us out because of our professional and trusted editorial and our customers get the overflow benefit of being that trusted resource. 
  • Annually, our publications group prints nearly 500,000 issues, hosts 3 major signature events, and sponsors over 130 non-profit events where we always have magazine exposure.  In addition, we raise and/or donate more than $60,000 in cash for non-profits every year.
  • Lastly, we are just plain good people.  We do right by our clients and will jump through hoops to help grow your business.  We see our clients as partners and many times as friends.  We only want the best for you and we work hard to create publications that do just that.

Advertising with Austin Woman and any of our specialty publications in print and online is an excellent marketing decision for your company. Contact us today and let us work with your individual business needs to craft a customized plan to grow your business. For more information, email or call 512-328-2421.