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Fashion for any age or occasion.

Photos by Rudy Arocha, Styled and modeled by Ashley Hargrove

In a world of ever-evolving wardrobe trends, a common thread remains: Classic fashion never goes out of style. For the Austin Woman Ageless issue, we talked with four bloggers and four stylists from Austin to gauge their thoughts on timeless fashion, how personal identity is achieved through clothing and what it means to have style at any age.  

A knee-length skirt is appropriate for any age; it’s not too long and not too short. Pair it with a flowing blouse and blazer, and you’re ready to hit the town. Spice it up with fun accessories like this blue bag or color-block shoes.

“Great style is ageless. It’s an attitude. It’s that moment when what you wear is perfectly in sync with who you are.” Carla McDonald, blogger, The Salonniere 

Milly cotton stripe tie midi skirt, $295; Equipment sleeveless Adalyn white button-down, $188; Vince Gaudin color-block sandal, $395; Prada Saffiano Lux handbag, $1,850, available at Neiman Marcus, 3400 Palm Way, 512.719.1200, neimanmarcus.com; gold bangle cuff, $60, available at Julian Gold, 1214 W. Sixth St., 512.473.2493, juliangold.com



This timeless and classic color dress works well for any age and any skin tone. Don’t like sleeveless? Throw a cropped cardigan on for comfort and style.

“Clothing is not just an item of materialism; it’s a sense of feeling, a sense of expression and a sense of curation and confidence.” Jessi Afshin, blogger, The Darling Detail

“Embrace color and wear it often!” Allison Taylor-Moseley, personal stylist and jewelry designer 

Lela Rose raised-seam scuba dress, $1,295; Giorgio Armani cardigan, $595, available at Neiman Marcus, 3400 Palm Way, 512.719.1200, neimanmarcus.com.  


Wide-legged pants and a pop of color are always classics. Not only do they work with every body type, you can wear this look at any age. High-waisted pants are slimming and elongate legs, so you appear taller.

“Always invest in a tailor. Great-fitting yet comfortable clothes will make all the difference in the world.” Ashley Hargrove, wardrobe stylist 

“Wear your heart on your sleeve. If you love the way something makes you look and feel then try not to second-guess it. Don’t get too caught up in trends. Wear what makes you happy.” Shelley Neuman, blogger, ATX Street Style 

“Stick to colors that work for your skin tone and cuts that flatter your body shape. Look for simple, clean silhouettes that have unique but tasteful details. Classic style is about letting you shine through, not the clothes.” Allison Taylor-Moseley, personal stylist and jewelry designer 

“I love seeing older women who are wearing funky prints, bright colors or accessorizing with unique glasses. Just because you are not of a youthful age does not mean you can’t be a trendsetter.” Joanna Wilkinson, blogger, Keep Austin Stylish 

Alice & Olivia white wide-leg pants, $295; Diane von Furstenberg Davi Eden garden yellow blouse, $298; Vince Gaudin color-block sandal, $395; Chanel J12 white watch with pink sapphires, price upon request, available at Neiman Marcus, 3400 Palm Way, 512.719.1200, neimanmarcus.com.



Linen is a staple for anyone. And it’s breathable and light. Who doesn’t love wearing linen in the summer?

“Keep it simple; don’t overthink your style. Be elegantly classic. I recommend tailored shapes and adding interest with key investment pieces such as handbags, jewelry and jackets. Mix classics with some newer, contemporary pieces.” Ashley Hargrove, wardrobe stylist

“What you wear has the power, like it or not, to tell the world who you are. I think dressing your age can be somewhat confusing and limiting, but if you are always on the lookout for what makes you light up when you put it on, you can’t go too far in the wrong direction. Confidence is timeless.” Laurel Kinney, personal stylist 

“If a trend fits into your aesthetic then you should embrace it, but don’t ever force it.” Joanna Wilkinson, blogger, Keep Austin Stylish  

Level 99 Jasmine drawstring jogger linen pants, $102; Bella Dahl white linen shirt, $136; Hobo Lauren champagne leather clutch, $110, available at PerriBerri, 2805 Bee Caves Road, 512.478.3785; Taylor-Moseley doublehammered bar necklace, $129, available at taylormoseley.com.


This tweed set is one of the easiest looks for any age. It hides bra lines, isn’t skintight and has a high neckline to add a touch of conservatism. Pair it with a blazer or jacket. 

“The shift dress works for just about everyone, depending on the neckline, seam placement, sleeves and length. Dress it up or down. Accessorize it any way you like. Overall, it’s a versatile garment for women of any age or size.” Thea Wood, personal stylist

“Knowing the silhouettes that work best for your body type is important, but enduring style comes from dressing in a way that is a natural extension of who you are, your attitude and your outlook on life.” Carla McDonald, blogger, The Salonniere 

“When I think ‘style at any age,’ I immediately think Coco Chanel. She’s the epitome of a timeless fashion icon, as her elegance, style and classic demeanor continue to inspire timeless designs, to this day. Her work as a designer has allowed women of any age (and many generations) to step into a pair of heels that will last a lifetime, or tote around a classic purse that will never go out of style. Coco Chanel created class, sophistication and ultimately became the first real role model in fashion as a timeless woman.” Jessi Afshin, blogger, The Darling Detail

Oscar de la Renta sleeveless dotted dress, $1,990; Oscar de la Renta half-sleeve boucle cropped jacket, $1,790; Stuart Weitzman Plainfield black patent heel, $345, available at Julian Gold, 1214 W. Sixth St., 512.473.2493, juliangold.com. Chanel grained calfskin shopping bag, $5,500, available at chanel.com.


For more information from the Austin stylists and bloggers featured in this article, visit:

Ashley Hargrove: dtkaustinstyling.com

Thea Wood: theawood.com

Carla McDonald: thesalonniere.com

Jessi Afshin: thedarlingdetail.com

Joanna Wilkinson: keepaustinstylish.com

Allison Taylor-Moseley: taylormoseley.com

Laurel Kinney: laurelkinney.com

Shelley Neuman: atxstreetstyle.com


Inspired Style: Books for Your Inner Fashionista


I’ll Drink to That: A Life in Style, With a Twist

Betty Halbreich (2014)

After more than 40 years as the legendary personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman, 86-year-old Betty Halbreich shares personal accounts of working with socialites, celebrities and the everyday woman. Known for giving clients the best advice for their body types and personal styles rather than trying to make a sale, she continues to help women discover their true selves through her unique perspective, frankness and wisdom.


365 Style

Nicky Hilton (2014)

If you have preconceived notions of the Hilton sisters with a negative connotation, disregard immediately. Designer Nicky Hilton is a style icon and imparts her knowledge of the fashion industry in this guide to help readers discover their personal style. Despite her wealthy upbringing, Hilton maintains a less-is-more attitude and advises readers on how to look like a million bucks— without breaking the bank.


The Woman I Wanted to Be

Diane von Furstenberg (2014)

As a fashion designer, philanthropist, wife, mother and grandmother, Diane von Furstenberg reflects on the influential life she’s led. Describing herself as “the kind of woman who is independent and who doesn’t rely on a man to pay her bills,” Furstenberg discusses the steps and advice she’s taken to become the powerhouse she is today while also offering a section on the business of fashion.


Women in Clothes

Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, Leanne Shapton and 639 others (2014)

Hundreds of women spanning a variety of nationalities, careers, religions, sexualities and ages contribute to this collection of stories, all focused on clothing and how it self-defines. Featured interviews include those with young girls, older women, famous women (Kim Gordon, Lena Dunham), trans women, designers, choreographers, artists and garment workers. With photographs, drawings and visual exercises, Women in Clothes is a comprehensive take on women and their personal relationships with beauty and style.


The Lost Art of Dress: The Women Who Once Made America Stylish

Linda Przybyszewski (2014)

Historian and dressmaker Linda Przybyszewski takes a critical look at today’s fashion and our haste to rush into new fads and trends quickly disregarded as soon as the season’s done. Przybyszewski takes a historical approach in this book, and readers will take away a better understanding on how to dress professionally and flatteringly, and achieve a style of quality versus quantity that will transcend the ages.


The Little Book of Chanel

Emma Baxter-Wright (2013)

In this beautiful compilation of Coco Chanel’s designs, photography and runway looks, readers experience the legendary designer’s evolution from her underprivileged upbringing to the days of fame and fortune. Highlighting the renowned fashionista’s revolution through her liberating inventions in sportswear and jersey, iconic suit and little black dress, The Little Book of Chanel is a must-read for anyone with an appreciation and flair for style.


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