Articles | April, 2014


Million Mile Month

Run, walk, swim, bike, skateboard or skate to help fight diabetes and childhood obesity. By Sam Jackson If you’ve got some spare time this month and want to really get … Read on »


The Importance of Recycling

Robin Schneider discusses the importance of recycling and shares some tips on how to do it effectively. By Leo B. Carter Texas Campaign for the Environment Executive Director Robin Schneider … Read on »


Rainforest Alliance

With more than 56,000 square miles of rainforests being cut down for commercial use each year, never could an easy decision at the supermarket have such a big impact on … Read on »


Break it Down to Go Green

As a top foodie destination, it’s more important than ever for Austin to curb restaurant impact on the environment. By Sam Jackson It’s pretty clear that the environment is in … Read on »


Top Five Events to Attend This Spring

Compiled by Ricky Rodriguez Spectrum, UT Fashion Show April 24, Frank Erwin Center, 1701 Red River St. For a night of fashion, fun and beauty, attend the University of Texas … Read on »


REEL Girls

The Girls School of Austin Gala. By Hope Petersen The Girls School of Austin is hosting its annual gala, Firebird Festival REEL Girls. Serving more than 100 girls between kindergarten … Read on »


Holidays That Help

Want to take a holiday that benefits the world? Here’s how to do it right. By Carla Avolio, photos by Misha Donohoe It was during a trip to Croatia’s gorgeous, … Read on »


Bio-Agreeable Home Products

Check out these functional, stylish, eco-friendly products to green up your indoor spaces. By Megan Russell Lumen TL800 The Lumen TL800 is the first Bluetooth smart light bulb. The bulbs … Read on »


Inside Austin Gardens Tour

Visit six eclectic spaces and learn about the delicate art of gardening in Central Texas. By Megan Russell The Travis County Master Gardeners Association presents the Inside Austin Gardens Tour … Read on »


The Best of Both Worlds

This newly constructed bungalow embraces the past with a design for the future. By Martha Lynn Coon, Photos by Patrick Wong With property values on the rise, the cost of … Read on »


Nature’s Treasures

Sustainability never goes out of style. By Ricky Rodriguez, Photo by Dustin Meyer Kick off this spring season by sporting accessories that do more than just make a bold statement. … Read on »


Trends from New York Fashion Week

Color, color, color and other trends to usher in fall fashion. Text and photos by Cheryl Bemis Fashion Week in New York City officially wrapped up in all of its … Read on »


Friendly Fashion

Which personality style are you? By Ashley Hargrove, photos by Dennis Burnett Fashion maven Carrie Bradshaw once stated, “Nothing lasts forever. Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendship never … Read on »


Signature Facials For Every Need

Customize your experience for the best results. By Deborah Hamilton-Lynne Sometimes you just need a day at the spa. It was one of those cloudy, cold February days and stepping … Read on »


Savor the Taste of Spring

Chef Erica Beneke supports local agriculture to dish up seasonal epicurean cuisine. By Molly McManus, Photos By Dustin Meyer For Chef Erica Beneke, farm-to-table is a way of life. Although … Read on »


Third Annual Austin Food & Wine Festival

The must-attend event for Austin foodies expands offerings and options. By Kristi Willis The culinary stars will be shining bright the weekend of April 25 through 27, as the Austin … Read on »


Tea Time

The truth about the benefits of this ancient drink. By Andy East From boosting cardiovascular health and bone mineral density, to staving off cancers and dementia, tea has long been … Read on »


Women and Alcohol

The risks of drinking too much. By Jill Case T-shirts that say, “In case of emergency, fill with wine.” Mugs that say, “I like to cook with wine. Sometimes I … Read on »


Fifteen Minutes with Laura Cisneros

The workaholic workout. By Laura Cisneros, Photos by Dustin Meyer I’m going to just say it straight. “I don’t have time” is not an excuse for not getting in some … Read on »


Niyanta Spelman, Global Conservationist

Keeping the planet green through the Rainforest Partnership. By Shelley Seale, photos by Andrew Chan As a child growing up in Tanzania and India, Niyanta Spelman was afraid of the … Read on »


Victory Garden

Join Austin’s sustainable urban agriculture movement and get growing this spring. By Rachel Merriman In the 1940s, Americans planted victory gardens in their backyards and on public land as a … Read on »


Saving Mother Earth

Rethinking the environmental impact of good lovin’. By JB Hager, photo by Rudy Arocha I racked my brain trying to think of the absolute most fun you could have while … Read on »


When She Makes More

Can being the breadwinner cause relationship woes down the road? By Kaneisha Grayson Question: I have a master’s degree and have a sixfigure salary. The man I’m dating is a … Read on »


The Sustainable Food Center’s Quest for Independence

Executive Director Ronda Rutledge tells AW about the importance of food sovereignty and how SFC is leading the cause. By Leo B. Carter Nestled between a brand-new community of pastel-colored … Read on »


It’s All About Balance

It’s not easy being green. By Katrina Johnson, illustration by Sarah Quatrano I once had a talk with my mother about my teenage years. “I don’t really think I went … Read on »