Articles | January, 2013


Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse…5K

Dec. 15, 2012, six days before the Mayan-predicted Apocalypse. Story by Kelly E. Lindner, co-founder of and writer of Austin Chick, Photos by Seth Lindner They’ve herded us into some kind... Read on »


Proceeds Announced from 2012 Turkey Trot

By Meng Qi Dec. 19, Mike Haggerty, co-owner of ThunderCloud Subs, presented Caritas of Austin a $325,000 check to help the organization continue to serve the city’s homeless, the working poor and documented... Read on »


Turn on the Brights

Flashy and functional pieces are the go-to gear for a workout in style. Photos by Caleb Kerr Cargo tote, $70, available at Title Nine, 500 N. Lamar Blvd., 512.322.9902. Made from repurposed wool scraps. Nike Volt... Read on »


Architects of Air Luminarium

Jan. 19 – 27 at The Long Center.   Spend a day at The Long Center in the ambiance, lighting and beauty of the Architects of Air Luminarium. The luminarium is a sculpture people enter... Read on »


Rebuilding Hope in Afghanistan

ARZU Studio Hope provides unique opportunities to Afghan women.  ARZU Studio Hope, a nonprofit seeking to uplift Afghan women, reached out to Austin Woman magazine after reading the article “Home Is... Read on »


Secrets from a Transformational Health Coach

Know what you want and go out and get it in 2013.   “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle As we... Read on »


Cover Woman Update: Bridget Dunlap

Bridget Dunlap’s Lustre Pearl Raises $165,000 for The African Children’s Choir The New Year’s Eve event at Lustre Pearl rang in 2013 with a bang, raising over $165,000 to benefit... Read on »


Resolution of 2013: No Worries

Dr. James teaches how to live a purpose-driven life using modern psychology and ancient Huna teachings. Jan. 24–28, Embassy Suites  Everyone has the desire to start the new year off fresh and... Read on »





The Lion King Returns

Jan. 16 through Feb. 10, Bass Concert Hall Text by Malia Bradshaw; photo by Joan Marcus Simba. Zazu. Timon. Pumbaa. Everyone’s favorite Disney characters return to the stage this January for the musical... Read on »


Dell Children’s Rockin’ for the Cause

One of the first social events of 2013 brings hope and health to life. Dell Children’s Medical Center presents its annual gala Jan. 26 at the Austin Convention Center, with a few new... Read on »


Ruthie Foster Goes for Two

Second Grammy nomination for AW cover woman comes for Let It Burn. Ruthie Foster’s latest album is “a captivating blend of soul, blues, gospel, New Orleans funk, folk, rock and... Read on »


Happy Birthday, Capricorn!

Dec. 22–Jan. 20 By Deborah Mastelotto This time of the year, we like to be able to see a little bit in to the future to make the next year a little more... Read on »


Design a Room of Your Own

How to make 2013 the most creative year of your life. By Sonya Feher Austin is a creative town full of creative people, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at our... Read on »


Don’t Resolve to Exercise in 2013

Learn to exercise for a lifetime and love it. As the new year looms, forget one of the most commonly made resolutions: Get more exercise in 2013. It’s time to make a... Read on »


Revive Your Look

Bold and trendy pieces are the perfect way to give your wardrobe basics new life. Photos by Caleb Kerr a feminine touch Coral scarf, $14.97, available at Charming Charlie, 3220 Feathergrass Court, 512.339.2848. print it out ... Read on »


Room Refresh

Design expert Adam Fortner takes one AW reader’s office from basic to beautiful. By Adam Fortner, Photos by Ryann Ford Homeowners Rob and Lesley Guthrie moved in to their Northwest Austin... Read on »


Going Gluten-Free

The best places in Austin for all your favorite gluten-free dishes. By Malia Bradshaw, Photos by JoJo Marion Gluten-free. If you haven’t already made the dietary change yourself, you’ve... Read on »


Chic Thai

The inviting power of Sway. By Kristi Willis, Photos by JoJo Marion At its heart, Sway is about sharing. From the communal seating at large square tables or on the lovely patio to... Read on »


Focus on Nutrition

Simple steps to eat your way to healthy. Nutrition is one of the most important elements to focus on when tackling goals like “get healthy,” “have more energy,” &ldquo... Read on »


Thyroid Awareness

Fatigued, depressed, losing your hair? The culprit may be your thyroid. Are you experiencing fatigue, depression, weight loss, weight gain or hair loss? These symptoms could indicate many different health conditions, including thyroid... Read on »


Evolution of an Urban Animal

Laura Cisneros on playing dirty, training green and getting tough. A sea of brightly colored yoga mats and medicine balls slowly collects under a covered pavilion behind Sanchez Elementary School as about 30 people... Read on »


This Time Around…

Three women take a detour from their careers to pursue the jobs they’ve always wanted. Follow your heart. It’s a phrase we hear so often that it’s... Read on »


Hoarders, Austin Edition

Something’s gotta give. “I promise you, honey, when I get some time off over the holidays and going in to the new year, I will go through the garage. Promise.... Read on »


Back in the Saddle

Seven dating tips for divorcees. Stubborn cowgirls believe that if they fall off their horse, there is only one thing to do: dust themselves off and get back on. A lot of stubborn... Read on »


Happier at Home

Creator of The Happiness Project provides practical tips for creating a happy life and a happy home. Nobody knows resolutions better than Gretchen Rubin. With New Year’s Day upon us, many... Read on »


Review Your Financial Profile

Know the factors that affect your credit score. If you’ve ever applied for a loan, chances are your lender brought up the subject of your credit score. Many lenders use a... Read on »


Real Moms, Realistic Approach

Jennifer Crain talks home remedies, following your intuition and taking control of your child’s health care.   Despite what you might think, there’s no one right way to tackle... Read on »


Changing the Face of Friendship

How Facebook altered the way we communicate.   Marcia Noyes is someone who rarely loses touch with friends. The marathon runner uses the Internet to post stories and photographs of her long-distance races,... Read on »


Thirty-One Days of Enough

Finding more by living with less. My husband recently came out with a new book that messed with me. A lot. It’s called Enough: Finding More by Living with Less. Because... Read on »


My 2013 Resolution

  Time on my hands means I can learn to enjoy watching sports. Forget the weight-loss resolutions of years gone by. I lost 20 or so pounds last summer by dutifully walking around Lady... Read on »