Why I Co-work

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Attorney Kirk Cesari is a partner in the intellectual property law firm of Cesari & Reed, LLP ( He has been a member of Link Coworking since 2011.

Austin Woman: What got you interested in co-working?

Kirk Cesari: In 2010, I started working for myself. It was only a matter of time before I realized I needed to get out of my house. There’s always a list of chores that you need to do at home. I went to coffee shops for a long time, and was really tired of having to always buy something, then hope their Internet is working and that if I get a phone call, the shop’s not too loud so my customer doesn’t get mad.

AW: Why did you choose Link Coworking?

KC: I checked out at least four other co-working spaces in Austin, and they were all nice people, but Liz has really spent the time and effort to understand what the business professional needs.

AW: How do you use Link Coworking?

KC: I work there four or five days a week. I also have two employees that work there. If we just had an office, it would just be the three of us staring at each other every day, and we’re not that interesting! We are on the month-by-month membership plan because I like the flexibility. Liz offers a lot of plans to fit different needs. Liz provides good-quality coffee, teas and snacks. It seems we celebrate something at least once a week with cake, which Liz also makes sure is the best.

As with everything, Liz has a very high expectation of quality and service. The members also enjoy impromptu happy hours. If someone has had a rough day, there is usually another member there willing to join them for an end-of-day cocktail. I use the meeting rooms frequently, especially when I need privacy for a client call or meeting. Under my plan, I can grab a meeting room as needed up to an hour a day. Otherwise, I can pay for extra time. I’ve noticed many non-members also like to rent the meeting rooms, probably because the rates are so reasonable.



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