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East Austin Studio Tour

Take advantage of a once-a-year opportunity to build your art collection while supporting local artists and businesses.
Nov. 12 – 20

Austin’s east side is best known as a locus for budding art and culture. With more than 300 participating spaces and artists, the east Austin Studio Tour is the best chance to get an intimate look at the creation processes and expand your eclectic collection. It’s a once-a-year opportunity to discover new talent; see working studios; learn about artists’ tools, techniques and inspirations; and fuel Austin’s creative culture by supporting local businesses and artists. This self-guided tour weaves through the funky, ramshackle east Austin neighborhoods to the city’s most prominent studios, which feature everything from woodworking to stained glass, mixed media to leather-bound journals. Studios are open during the weekends with featured events on weekdays, including a series of workshops, artist competitions and more. Tour catalogs and maps are available at Austin Public Libraries. Details can be found at

Featured Group Show at Delta Mills 4701 E. Fifth St., Nov. 12 and 13, 19 and 20

Featured artists: Robbie Davis, John Langmore, Shanny Lott, Jean Rather, Peggy Weiss, Bob Wynn

30-by-30-inch mixed media piece, $1,800

“Each work unfolds in the moment. I am constantly negotiating a balance between trusting the intuitive, gestural impressions that come, or relying on my experience with intentional, calculated placement of color and form. This complex, ongoing conversation transforms in to unpredictable, raw meditations on letting go.”
–Court Laurie





Monarch of the Plains
6-by-6-foot charcoal and pastel on laser-cut paper leaves, $6,000

“If you keep a green tree in your heart, perhaps a singing bird will come.”
–Chinese proverb

“I am using this ancient proverb to explore the relationship between artists and patrons. This symbiosis will be examined using paper collage, pastel, charcoal on paper and oil on canvas. The artists, represented by birds and the patrons, represented by the trees, show that the relationship between the two is an ongoing and timeless loop.” –Shanny Lott



Butterfly Broken upon a Wheel
16 by 20 inches on Arches paper, four pastels, $550

From the series Cave Paintings, circa 2010.

“I have always been interested in art as a means of communication, and have been inspired by the importance of current historical events, as well as cultural and personal moments in our lives.”
–Jean Rather




Pitching in the Rain

24-by-20-inch composite photograph, $750

“Pitching in the Rain is a composite of multiple photographs digitally combined to create a new image. This nostalgic piece is a metaphor for the loneliness and challenges faced by individual athletes.” –Peggy Weiss


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