DIY Organization

Pinterest DIY projects that will help you organize every room in your home, from the kitchen to the garage.

Story by Rachel Merriman

I’ll be the first to admit that I waste at least a few hours a week on Pinterest, the seriously addicting website that allows users to post recipes, home-decorating projects, crafts and more on virtual pin boards. Pinterest itself is a fabulous organizational tool, but don’t forget to take a break from ferociously pinning items for your dream bedroom and do some organizing in your real life. These DIY organization projects, all found on Pinterest, will set you on the right track to getting your life in order before the busy school season begins.

No matter how organized other areas of your home are, the under-the-sink cabinet always seems like a jumbled collection of tools and cleaning products. These kitchen sink storage trays present a sleek and functional solution to keeping this often-overlooked area organized.

While it doesn’t offer any specific projects, this post containing nine steps to arranging a well-organized kitchen from Apartment Therapy will put you on the right track when it comes to finding a place for everything.

A great way to save kitchen-cabinet space is a hanging pot rack, which can cost $50 or more, but you can make a visually appealing rack out of an old window frame or a bicycle wheel for less than $20. Plus, no more digging through your cabinets for the right size saucepan!

Do you ever wonder how you can buy a pack of 100 bobby pins and manage to lose all but a few of them? A single magnetic strip attached to the inside of a bathroom cabinet will keep them right where you need them. As a bonus, it will also hold your tweezers, nail clippers and metal nail files.

If your makeup collection is extensive, there’s no better way to display it than a magnetic makeup board.

There’s no reason to store all your beautiful jewelry in a drawer, where it’s bound to end up in a tangled mess. Cheap and functional, this DIY jewelry holder made from an oven rack will do the trick.

Dream Green DIY boldly repurposes a wire office-storage box in to an appliance holder for the bathroom. Keep your blow-dryer, straightener and hairbrush off the counter and at arm’s length—perfect for those of us who lack counter space.

For the Kids
The mess kids create in the house often carries over to another place—your car. Fasten a   pocket organizer to the back of a car seat and you’ll be able to find snacks, sunscreen, baby wipes and other essentials at a moment’s notice.

Peach Street offers an inspirational fix for kids’ closets that are on the smaller side, using two Billy bookcases from IKEA to create the perfect closet system.

You love your little ones, but stepping on their tiny toy cars in your bare feet seriously hurts. Style Files has the perfect solution: Affix a magnetic knife strip to the wall and stick the metal cars to it.

The most common solution to organize and hide the mess in kids’ bedrooms and playrooms is bins.  Lots of bins.

If you have eclectic taste, you’ll love this post from Flourishing Abode, which lists 10 vintage finds that can be repurposed as desk organizers.

Hang those magazine holders taking up valuable desk space on the wall to make a thrifty, functional mail station or shelf.

Most office-organization efforts are focused on cleaning up the desk area, but it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to the smaller details. Tuck that power strip and computer cord out of sight using one of  HYPERLINK “” these methods from Remodelaholic.

Corral all your gardening supplies in one place with an upcycled gardening cart and make your routine garden maintenance a little easier.

Simple nail boards across garage-wall studs will keep long garden tools, sports equipment and outdoor toys in place.



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