Two Entrepreneurs, One Roof

Local talents Margot Wolf and Laurel Kinney strive to make women feel beautiful.

By Amory Casto, photos by Paula Wolf

Austin has the greatest, most creative entrepreneurs, and the best part is that you can meet two of them under the same roof in a little bungalow on Lafayette Street. Meet designer Margot Wolf of Margot Wolf Jewelry and stylist Laurel Kinney of Trophy Boutique Personal Styling.

Wolf has been designing jewelry for about seven years. Her studio space has high, exposed ceilings, and natural lighting provides the perfect amount of comfort to begin her favorite part: the design and creative process.

“My design process is personal and reflective of my life,” Wolf says.

From traveling to obscure objects, she is inspired by all aspects of life, making it easy to get lost in time when she works on a new project. Her favorite material is silver, in which she uses wax carvings to create earrings from natural found objects like flower buds, or necklaces and rings of hollow shapes with copper wire skillfully woven within.

She dedicates her work to the women who have impacted her life.

“I am blessed to be surrounded by incredible women who all have strong personal style and varied points of view. I want to make radical jewelry to drape all over them,” she says.

And as radical it is, her work is delicate yet with underlying strength in every piece.

Wolf’s work can be found in several Austin boutiques, including By George. Five years from now, she hopes to expand her network to more high-end stores throughout the country and abroad. As far as her new collection goes, Wolf says to, “expect to see more geometric shapes in bold yet simplistic ways.”

A step further in the brightly colored yet cozy space, Kinney gets down to business. After years of social work in oncology and hospice care, Kinney decided she wanted her work to be more creative and positive. For a while, she hoped to open her own clothing store, and when the opportunity of becoming a stylist fell in her lap, she knew styling was for her. And she didn’t have to leave her social-work skills behind.

“I use them to assess where my clients are in their lives and what would make them feel the best about how they look,” Kinney says.

Her most popular service is the Complete Sort, Shop and Style in which she visits clients and decides what to keep, donate or tailor. Then the client meets her at the store to try on everything Kinney has pulled. Finally, they revisit the client’s closet together to create dozens of new outfits with new and old clothing.

The consulting session fulfills Kinney because she makes real, personal connections along the way. She explains that what makes the job worth it for her is “when I get to see clients seeing themselves in a positive way for the first time.”

Wolf and Kinney are grateful to and inspired by the women in their own lives so much so that their businesses of making you feel good stand out amongst similar services. They’ve truly made a home in the bungalow that houses their workspaces, inviting you in to experience all they have to offer.