Letter from the Editor: March 2017

It’s never too late to do the right thing. My first boss, an entrepreneur, said that often to her staff, including me. Early on, when it was just a handful of us, we would huddle around a small, round table in the back corner of her office and hold each other accountable to making sh-t happen, no matter what. Small businesses are tenacious that way.

When Austin Woman, a small business itself, brought me on board as editor a little more than a year ago, it was truly a dream come true. Since then, it’s been my privilege to serve alongside a team of, give or take, 10 women who push themselves each day to produce a free monthly publication that exists solely to strengthen and support local women.

As I recently told my current boss, our founder and publisher, Melinda Garvey, the woman who crafted this entrepreneurial vision nearly 15 years ago, “I thought I would be here forever!” However, the world has different plans in store for me, a native Austinite who has relocated to a certain Northern territory that, not to name names, is allegedly replete with big hair and blinding bling and an alarming absence of Birkenstocks.

While I’ll miss this magazine, its meritorious mission and our stalwart readers, I’ll console myself by painting this personal journey as a noble sacrifice to my fellow Austinites. After all, I am voluntarily removing myself plus another human and one dog from these bursting city limits. 
In all seriousness though, I’m eternally grateful to Melinda and Christopher Garvey for offering me the opportunity to work for their inimitable publication. And, speaking of gratitude, some additional thanks are in order.
First, thank you to Creative Director Niki Jones, the most fabulous person I’ve ever met who imparted upon me the sorts of facts of life that one will never glean from a textbook. Second, thank you to April Cumming, our determined associate editor, who lives and breathes the spirit of respectable journalism. Third, thank you to our staff, old and new, including Deb, Katie, Lisa, Cynthia, Stef, Megan, Victoria, Maggie, Jessica and Lucy, who make offices everywhere better, funnier, smarter, stronger and a little bit nicer. Also, thank you to our contributors—stylists like Ashley, photographers like Rudy and Dustin and writers like Sarah and Rachel—who always made my job easy.
Lastly, thank you to Chantal, our wondrous copy editor, who receives not nearly enough praise but who I will always credit for spoiling me with her consistency, graciousness, guidance, efficiency and, admirably, the most magnetizing proclivity for style, accuracy and industry standards I have ever witnessed.

It takes a village.