Letter from the Associate Editor: February 2017

There’s a photo clipped to the fridge in our office break room. It’s one of many photos, actually, a collage of images taken of our AW team members attending events throughout town in the past year. In one, our creative director dons a pair of oversized, yellow-rimmed glasses, and in another, our marketing director and art assistant pose side by side, brilliantly happy, their white teeth gleaming as though they’re auditioning to be the new faces of a dental ad.

But the one photo that never fails to catch my attention is of my editor and me, taken at last yearís Womanís Way Awards. In the photo, our
editor, Emily, proudly holds a gold, plastic trophy as though itís a Golden Globe. To her right, youíll find me sporting a white feather boa scarf, my hand fashioned into a hook íem horns signóa tribute to the University of Texas, our alma mater. 

As fortune would have it, Emily and I both started working at Austin Woman the same day. (This is our 14th issue.) I still remember pulling up to the office at 8:15 a.m. and glancing over to see her sitting in the parked car next to me. We were the first ones to arrive, both eager with anticipation to get started. The first few months passed in a blur and I quickly became accustomed to calling Emily my ìmama hen,î a tongue-in-cheek tribute to her steadfast guidance of me, just five years her junior. 

The first task on our to-do list at AW was to
brainstorm all editorial content for 2016, a challenge that showed me the resilient and whip-smart character of the woman I was working with. To this day, watching her spout off potential cover-worthy women is akin to attending a crash course in the whoís who of Austin women. 

A lot of people have trouble grasping what exactly an editor does. Iím here to tell you it involves an at-times insane amount of multitasking, the list of which would exceed my word count here. 

Humorously, we never know what day it is because weíre always living three months at a time: Thereís the issue we just put to bed, the issue weíre currently working on and the one we have
to work on next. 

Without a doubt, some of the most fun we have as a team is when weíre out and about in the community, mingling at events in the hopes of connecting on a deeper level with you, our readers. Our favorite form of flattery is to hear your feedback; itís gratifying to know the pages of this magazine have the power to make you feel inspired, empowered, informed and better connected. 

As is true for all of us, connections are often easier to make than to keep. Therein lies the challenge: to tap someone on the shoulderóbe that one of our team members or one of the many incredible women featured in this issueóand say hello. 


Associate Editor

*Photo courtesy of Oh Happy Day Booth