Fifteen Essential Apps for Young Women

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Use your smartphone to take control of an active, urban lifestyle.

By Keri Heath

With its hopping nightlife and booming businesses, Austin is a great place to be a young woman. But sometimes a hectic, active lifestyle can leave us unorganized and missing out on some of the greatest things the city has to offer. In the spirit of Austin’s technology industry, use your smartphone to take control of your life. Check out these 15 essential apps for single young women in Austin, and let technology do the work so you can have more of the fun.

circle of 6

1. Circle of 6 – In a growing city like Austin, safety is constantly on the mind of any young woman. Circle of 6 makes it easier to take control of your protection. When you’re out alone at night or feeling uncomfortable on a date, activate the app to send a message to six preloaded contacts with a GPS map of your location. With one tap, you can alert those you trust most to help you escape unsettling situations.


2. Stylebook – Ever looked at your closet full of clothes and still thought you had nothing to wear? Stylebook takes the clothes you already have in your closet and matches designer-quality outfits for you. Keep your wardrobe fresh without spending a dime.


3. Nike Training Club – Keep your health up with this personalized fitness app. With 15-, 30- and 45-minute full-body workouts to choose from, this app makes it easy to fit great workouts into a busy day. The video demos and encouraging audio will get you motivated to stay active and fit.


4. Mint – Mint allows users to manage all their bank accounts, including checking, savings and retirement from one organized location. With automatic categorizing of spent money and bill reminders, this app makes it easy to stay on top of your finances with a hectic schedule. And when you do get a chance to plan, helpful graphs will show you exactly where your money’s going.

around me

5. Around Me – You’re out and about and suddenly realize you need to find the closest gas station. Or pharmacy. Or movie theater. Or bar. Around Me allows users to find quick information on everything in the area, from movie theaters and coffee shops, to banks and parking. With this app, the resources of Austin are at your fingertips.


6. AustinFoodCarts – Looking for the latest and greatest of Austin’s food-truck cuisine? AustinFoodCarts provides a comprehensive list of all the food trailers in the downtown area, categorized by name or type of food. Take advantage of the unique Austin dining scene and find your own favorites.


7. RetailMeNot – Austin’s a great place to shop, but sometimes those prices can leave you shaking your head. With RetailMeNot, find deals and coupons to countless stores, including restaurants, clothing retailers and technology vendors. Set alerts to make sure you don’t miss that great deal, and access coupons directly from your phone without the hassle of printing.


8. TED – Austin is a city of thinkers. Join the trend by downloading the TED Talks app and get up to speed on the world’s most interesting people. Listen to more than 1,700 videos from business geniuses, music legends, techies and the globe’s leading medical professionals, and impress your friends with all your newfound knowledge.


9. Uber – Need a cab fast? Uber will have you on your way in minutes. Even if you don’t have an exact address, the easy-to-use map makes it easy to find the cheapest ride to and from anywhere. With the ability to pay directly on your phone, there’s not even a need to carry cash.


10. LinkedIn Pulse – With everything happening in Austin these days, it’s hard to keep up on the latest news. LinkedIn Pulse makes it easy to stay on top of the topics most important to you. Choose from sources such as National Geographic, USA Today and The Huffington Post to get easy access to all the news that interests you.

Dinner Spinner

11. Dinner Spinner – Stuck in the same rut for meals? Have some chicken but no clue what to do with it? Dinner Spinner is here to save the day. This app will help you find great recipes focusing on the ingredients you have, with helpful videos so you know you’ll get it right. Never eat a boring dinner again.

Grocery Gadget

12. Grocery Gadget – Simplify your weekly run to the grocery store with this easy-to-use list app. Upload items manually or create a list by scanning barcodes. This app is all about organization and will learn the layout of your grocery store to show you items in order.


13. Songkick – Take full advantage of Austin’s music scene with Songkick, an app that makes it easy to find live music in your area. Search for concerts from artists in your music collection or check out what’s coming up in the next few days. Never again miss a show.


14. Yoga STRETCH – For the girl who just needs to relax, this app allows you to create custom yoga sessions that will improve your balance and flexibility. With an option for an audio instructor, this app will help you unwind from your busy schedule.


15. WebMD – In the midst of your busy life, it can be easy to lose track of your health. Instead, use this app to check your symptoms, track your daily health progress and gain tips on how to live a life of wellness.


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